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Victoria Myerson
Senior Partner

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Faye Walker
English Solicitor


Victoria Myerson is the go to lawyer for high net worth individuals who are getting divorced in Jersey. She is technically extremely able and a tenacious litigator. Clients absolutely adore her and she wins amazing work. She has a great team around her and has years of experience of dealing with the most complex cases

Our team of experienced advocates has an in-depth knowledge of all areas of Family Law providing tailored advice specific to the needs of our clients. That means that each individual case is approached with a personal and well-defined strategy.

We have been instrumental in most high-profile cases in the Island and our services are designed to find solutions quickly and efficiently. This reputation encompasses expertise in advising high net worth clients on complex asset division cases involving trusts, business assets and investment structures.

Victoria is a force of nature. She always has the most complex and tricky cases on the go. Often, they involve trusts and businesses. She is a brilliant tactician and is able to identify all of the points earlier on in the process and play excellent strategic cards. Victoria has a couple of very able associates, they are extremely capable and have access to some of the best work in Jersey